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Some of these doctors are knowledgeable in the fields of FMS and CMP.  Some are simply willing to listen and support their patients.  This information comes from many sources.  This list is an attempt to help people find doctors and other health care providers and supporters who have other FMS and/or CMP patients whom they have cared for in an appropriate and kindly manner.  Any patients might have a bad experience with one doctor.  We hope this list will grow, as we believe that everyone has a right to competent health care. 

Our goal is to keep the care providers' list as current as possible, with the help of the patient community.  If you have corrections or additions to submit, please email us.

To find a myofascial trigger point therapist nearest you, check http://myofascialtherapy.org/find-a-therapist/index.html

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TrP training

Myopain Seminars, Robert Gerwin, MD, FMS/CMP, Jan Dommerholt, PT, DPT, MPS, DAAPM, Pain and Rehabilitation Medicine, 7830 Old Georgetown Road, Suite C-15, Bethesda, MD, 20814-2432 www.myopainseminars.com.

Chicago Center for Myofascial Pain. Mary Biancalana. Advanced Trigger Point Seminars: High Quality CEU classes for professionals. Travel to Chicago or arrange for a class to be taught in your area. http://chicagotriggerpointcenter.com/professional-seminars/continuing-education/

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