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Our goal is to keep the care providers' list as current as possible, with the help of the patient community.  If you have corrections or additions to submit, please contact us.

To find a myofascial trigger point therapist nearest you, check http://myofascialtherapy.org/find-a-therapist/index.html


Anderson, Johan H. MD, PhD, Dept. of Occupational Medicine, Herning Hospital, Gl. Landevej 61, DK-7400 Herning, Denmark

Danneskiold-Samsoe,Bendt MD, PhD. Dept. of Rheumatology Fredriksberg Hospital Ndr. Fasanvej 57, DK-2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark.

Drewes, Asbjorn M. MD Department of Rheumatology, Aalborg Hospital, DK-8000, Denmark. FMS

Jensen, Rigmor, MD, Dept. of Neurology, Glostrup Hospital, University of Copenhagen, Glostrup, Denmark DK-2600, 45-43233056, fax 45-43233926.

Norregard, Jesper MD   Bomlaerkevej 14, 2970 Horsholm, Denmark.


Allchin, William, Bsc (hons) Ost 22 St. Benedicts St., Norwich NR2 4AQ Phl 1603 660046.

"The Fibro Clinic". London Pain Clinic, 142-146 Harley Street, London W1G 7LD England. Ph: 0207 118 0350 www.thefibroclinic.com Email info@thefibroclinic.com The people in this clinic know both fibromyalgia and myofascial trigger points, and trigger point injections and other therapy options are available.

The London FMS/CFS Clinic, Professor John Davies, Rheumatologist, 30 Devonshire Street, London WIG 6PU.  For further information please contact our Clinic Manager, Daniel Austen, UK time 9am-6pm M-F by email or on Ph 01707 655151.  We use evidence-based medicine, based on the latest scientific research, combined with years of clinical experience.

Taylor, Alison, Bsc Physio, MTSP, SRP Elizabeth Browne Unit, William Harvey Hospital, Ashford Kent UK TN2  0LZ, Ph 633331 ext 8572.


Mikkelsson, Marja Kaarina MD,Senior Physician, Physiatrist, Rehabilitation Center, The Rheumatism Foundation Hospital, Pikijarventie 1, 18120 Heinola, FINLAND, Tel: 358-3-8491333, Fax: 358-3-8491231.

Rekola, Kaj E. MD. Dept. of Public Health Science University of Oulu, Oulu Finland.  FMS.


Unfortunately, we don't have any listings for France at the moment.


Dietz, Arthur MD, Klinick Rosenhof, Brunnaderstr 24, 84364 Bad Birnbach, Germany     Tel: 49-8563-980-610  Fax: 49-8563-980-699

Fischer, Heinrich P MD, Internal Medicine II, University of Heidelberg, Bergheimer Str 58, Heidelberg, Germany 69115, T 49-6221-56-8836, Fax 49-6221-56-5708.

Hrycaj, Pawel MD and Thomas Stratz MD Hochrhein-institute for Research and Prevention of Rheumatic Diseases, Bad Sackingen, Germany. FMS

Lautenschlager, Jochen, MD, Dr med, Department of Internal Medicine/Rheumatology, m&i-Fachklinik Bad Pyrmont, Auf der Schanze 3, Bad Pyrmont, Germany D-30812, T 49-5281-1671023, Fax 49-5281-1671400.

Lenius, Christoph, MDS, Zum Hecht 1, Uberlingen, Germany D-88662, T 49-7551-68666, Fax 49-7551-68663.

Menninger, Heiner Chefarzt, Prof Dr med, BRK Rheuma-Zentrum I Medizin Klinik, Am Markt 2  93077, Bad Abbach, Germany T 49-9405-18-2220, Fax 49-9405-18-2930.

Muller, Wolfgang, Professor Dr med Grundlagenforschung und Rheumatologie Hochrhein-Institut, Bergseestrabe 61, Bad Sackingen, Germany 79713, T 49-7761- 921-711, Fax 49-7761-554-329.

Muller-Ehrenberg, Dr. med Hannes. Orthopadische Praxis, IMTT-Triggerpunkt-Therapeut, extrakorporale Stosswellen-Therapie (ESWT). Mittels fokussierter ESWT können Triggerpunkte exakt diagnostiziert und punktgenau theapiert und gelöst werden.  Tibusplatz 6- 48143 Munster, 0251-620 37 56, fax 0251-620 37 57, info@triggerpunktzentrum.de, www.triggerpunktzentrum.de

Neeck, Gunther, MD PhD, Privatdozent Dr med, Department of Rheumatology, University of Giessen, Ludwigstrasse 33-39, Bad Nauheim, Germany 61231, T 49-6132-808-183, Fax 49-6032-808-184.

Nitsche, Ernst R. Dr. med, Ahornstr 2, Pentling, GERMANY 93080, Tel: 01149-941-307280, Fax: 01149-941-3072815.

Pongratz, Dieter, Prof., Dr. med Friedrich-Baur-Institut, Klinikum Innenstadt der Univ Munchen, Ziemssenstarbe 1, 80336, Munchen, Germany.

Spaeth, Michael Dr Med, Friedrich-Baur-Institut, Ziemssenstr 1A. D-80336 Muenchen, Germany, T 49-89-5160-2111, Fax 49-89-5160-4750.

Stratz, Thomas Dr. med. Rheumaklinik Bad Sackingen, Bergseestrabe 61, Bad Sackingen, GERMANY 79713, Tel: 49-7761-554-439, Fax: 49-7761-554-329.

Unterricker, Wolfgang, DDS, Doctor, Bahnhofstrasbe 18, Markdorf, GERMANY D-88677, Tel: 49-7544-6466, Fax: 49-7544-72947.

Weisskircher, Hans-Werner, Dr med dent, Bahnhofstr 7, Igel, Germany 54298, T 49-6501-600071, Fax 49-6501-600072.


Karavis, Miltiades I, MD, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Director of Hellenic Acupuncture Research Center, Hellenic Hippocrates Foundation Ltd, 2 Alkmanos Str. Athens, GREECE 11528, Tel: 30-1-7220542, Fax: 30-1-7293345.

Hong Kong

Scudds, Roger Alan, PhD, MA, Bsc, PT, Associate Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom Kowloon, Hong Kong, T 852-2766-4891, Fax 852-2764-1435.  


Baldursdottir, Sigrun. PT, BS, Mt'c, MPH. Thraut ehf. Hofdabakki 9, 110 Reykjavik, Iceland. www.vefjagigt.is; www.thraut.is Diagnosis, multidisciplinary treatment and training in self-management of fibromyalgia and myofascial trigger points.


Hiranandani, Ms. Malti, physiotherapist, Apollo College Of Physiotherapy, Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad - 500033, INDIA. Phone: 95-40-23550332, Mobile: 98491-95218.

RECOUP Neuromusculoskeletal Rehabilitation Centers in many major cities in India. They provide trigger point and other neuromuscular techniques including Sensory Integration, Gait Analysis, and Functional Electrical Stimulation. Check www.recoup.in/jcms/ for more information.

Sharan, Deepak, MBBS, MS Ortho, DNB Ortho, Dip. Ortho, M Sc. Orthopaedic Engineering (UK), Dip. Orthopaedic & Rehabilitation Technology (UK) Consultant in Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation.  Mailing Address: 3C(8), Nandi Gardens, Anjanapura Post, J.P. Nagar 9th Phase, Bangalore-560062, Karnataka, India, Phone: +91-80-2843 6736 / 56646106, email: deepak@deepaksharan.com or dr_deepaksharan@hotmail.com.


McEvoy, Johnson. BSc., MISCP, PT (Florida and New York)  Member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists United Physiotherapy Clinic, Unit 5c Whitethorns, Castletroy, Limerick, Ireland.  Ph 353 61 33 99 91 / www.unitedphysio.com.   Musculoskeletal evaluations, sports physiotherapy, chronic myofascial pain, fibromyalgia.

Sharkey, John, BSc.,NMT, Msc.  Physical therapist, exercise physiologist, anatomist.   FM and CMP.  Dry needle TrP specialist.  Author of Concise Book of Neuromuscular Therapy: a trigger point manual. Member of Science and Medical Team of Olympic Council of Ireland, member editorial board of Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies.  Is the first expert on the subject of Myofascial Trigger Points to avoid placing an X to identify a trigger point.  Those who suffer the pain of Myofascial Trigger Points will understand the significance of this historical change in the way Myofascial Trigger Points are described and illustrated.  Director National Training Centre, 16 a St. Josephs Parade, Dorset Street, Dublin 7 Ireland. ph 0035318827777,   info@ntc.ie


Ma-Naim, Dr. Tessa, Family Practice, Homeopathy. Matar Clinic, 105 Derech, Hebron, Jerusalem, Israel 02-617-7111.

Scott, Tuvia physical therapist, Kibbutz Gan Shmuel, Israel 38810 06-6320548

Weiss, Dr. Yael   8 Hapalmach St., Avichail, Israel 972-9-8824396   Fluent English.


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