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Our goal is to keep the care providers' list as current as possible, with the help of the patient community.  If you have corrections or additions to submit, please contact us.

To find a myofascial trigger point therapist nearest you, check http://myofascialtherapy.org/find-a-therapist/index.html


Celli, Daniel MD, DDS, PhD, Studio Di Ortodonzia, Via G Galilei 65, Pescara, Italy 65122  Tel: 39-085-4222228  Fax: 39-085-4222228

Giamberardino, Maria Adele, MD, University of Cheti, Institut of Physiopathology, via Carlo de Tocco n 3, 66100 Chieti, Italy, 00-39-0-871-35-80-70.  Int. Med.  MPS.

Marini, Ida, MD, Medico Chirnrgo-Odontoiatria, Via S Angela, Mericin 60, Brescia, Italy 25100, Tel: 39-51-278015, Fax: 39-51-225208.

Torresani, Prof. Claudio, MD, Specialista Dermatologia e Venereologia, Clinical Dermatologica, Sezione di Patologia vulvare, Universita di Parma, Via Gramsci, 14, I-43100 Parma, Italy, Ph: +39.0521.290353-4, Fax: +39.0521.982992. Primarily female patients with vulvar vestibulitis.  Many have FMS and myofascial pain.

Vecchiet, Leonardo, MD, Professor of Internal Medicine, Semeiotica Medica Policlinico “SS Annunziata”. via dei Vestini sn, Chieti Scalo, Italy 66013, T 39-0871-358069, Fax 39-0871-351086.


Hasegawa, Yoshinobu, Myotherapy Centre Hongo, Tokiwa Building, Suite 401, 2-66-2 Hongo Meitoku, Nagoya, Japan 465-0024, T 81-52-779-1778, Fax 81-52-779-1778.

Hosoe, Hironori, Nagoya Daini Red Cross Hospital, 2-9 Myokencho Showaku, Nagoya, Japan 465-8650 T 81-52-832-1121, Fax 81-52-832-1130.

ITO Toshiro, Myotherapy Centre Ise, 3-11-9 Kawasaki, Ise, Japan 516-0009, T 81-596-23-9520, Fax 81-596-23-9520.

Kohbu, Yoshihide, Assistant Professor Nagoya University School of Health Sciences, 1-20, Daikominami, 1-chome, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Japan 461-0047, T 81-52-719-1348, Fax 81-52-719-1348.

Kumagai, Shigekatsu, Myotherapy Centre Motoyama, Motoyama West Building, 4-10 Suemoridori Higashiku, Nagoya, Japan 464-0821, T 81-52-759-3121, Fax 81-52-759-3173.

Maruyama, Chiharu PT, Research Institute of Myotherapy, 2F Morikawa-Buil. 1833 Nakamachi, JAPAN 515-0083, Tel: 81-598-25-0015, Fax: 81-598-25-0016.

Matsubara, Takako, PT, Faculty of Health Science, Kobe University School of Medicine, 10-2, 7-Chome, Tomogaoka, Suma-Ku, Kobe, JAPAN 654-0142, Tel:81-78-796-4582, Fax: 81-78-796-4582.

Matsushita, Junko, Myotherapy Center Hirakata, 701-2 1chome Funahashihonmachi, Hirataka, Osaka, JAPAN 573-1116

Nishikain Masahiko MD. Second Tokyo National Hospital 2-5-1 Higashigaoka Meguro-ku Tokyo 152, Japan FMS

Oteki, Sumika, Myotherapy Centre Aira, 6590-1 Hiramatsu Airacho Airagun, Kagoshima, Japan 899-5652, T 1-81-995-67-0266, Fax 1-81-995-67-0266.

Sato, Hitoshi, PT, Feari A 302, Narita Chiba, JAPAN 286-0014, Tel: 81-476-24-1716.

Taguchi, Toru PT, Faculty of Health Science, Kobe University School of Medicine, Myoudanichou Kitanoyashiki 3158-104, Kobe Tarumiku, JAPAN 655-0852, Tel: 090-8218-8364.

Tsujii, Yoichiro, PhD, Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, Nagoya University, School of Health Sciences, 1-1-20 Daikominami Higashiku, Nagoya, JAPAN 461-8673, Tel: 81-52-719-1346, Fax: 81-52-719-1346.

Uehara, Yoshinobu, Kobe College of Allied Medical Sciences, 7-1-21 Tomogaoka Sumaku, Kobe, JAPAN 654-0142, Tel: 81-78-795-8163, Fax: 81-78-793-5070.

Yeng, Lin Tchia MD, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, University of Sao Paulo R Cons Brotero 1539 cj 12, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 01232-010, T 55-11-8261219, Fax 55-11-36672712.

Yoshida Tomoyuki, PT, Nakaya Hospital, 532 Yoshida, Wakayamashi, Wakayama 640-8343, JAPAN, Tel: 073-433-3926, Fax: 073-433-3926.


Chung, Dong-Choon, PhD, National Fitness Center, Department of Therapeutic Exercise and Physical Therapy, 223-19 Gongneung-Dong, Nowon-Gu, Seoul, Korea, 139-242. Phone: 82-02-970-9595. Fax: 82-02-9582.

Kang Yoon Kyoo MD PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Korea University Ansan Hospital, 516 Gojan Dong, Ansan City, Kyunggi-do, KOREA 425-020, Tel: 83-345-412-5977, Fax: 82-345-412-5334.

Kwon, Doyoun, MD, Clinic Nine, 582-9 Shinsa-dong Kangnam-gu, Seoul, KOREA, Tel: 82-2-514-1487.


Maerz de Leroy, Ulrike, PT, Cert. MDT, Paseo de los Virreyes 4058, 45110 Guadalajara Zapopan, Mexico, e-mail: yorel@infosel.net.mx.  Myofascial pain.


Boeken, Lydia S. MD, Amsterdam Kliniek, Reigersbos 100, 1107 ES Amsterdam, z.o. The Netherlands.  31-20-697-5361, fax 31-20-679-5367.

Griep, Euduard N. M.D Dept. of Rheumatology, Rijnstate Hospital, Arnhem and Jan van Breemen Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands FMS.

Peters, Ineke. PhysioTherapist, “Praktijk voor Pijnbestrijding” APS Therapy and Triggerpoint Treatment; Prinses Beatrixlaan 15, 5684 GJ Best.  Tel:/Fax: 0499 392001 www.aps-pijnbestrijding.com. Treatment of chronic pain, Post-traumatic Dystrofie, CFS, FMS and CMP.

New Zealand

Franich, Mark DC 41 Golf Road, Mt. Maunganui 3002, NZ ,  64 7 575 9567, fax 64 7 575 9567

Prott, John M.D.340 Canning Hwy. Bicton, 6157, New Zealand 02-319-1953 gen med MPS.


Forre, Oystein MD, PhD. Dept of Rheumatology, Oslo Sanitetsforening Rheumatism Shopital, Akersbakken 27, 0172 Oslo, Norway FMS

Lagraid, Jorun. Group Leader, Norwegian Fibromyalgia Association, Vardassloyfen 24, Kristiansand, Norway 4637, T 47-67-58-30-67, Fax 47-67-58-31-58.

Wigers, Sigrid Horven, MD, PhD, Senior  Consultant, Skogli Health & Rehabilitation Centre, FR. Colletts Vei 11, Lillehammer, Norway 2600, T 47-612-49-100, Fax 47-612-49-199.


Romero, Pedro V. MD, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Av. Alameda Del Corregidor 4765-4 La Molina, Lima, Peru. T 51-1-3495752, Fax 51-1-3493871.

Torrealva, Nora Sotelo, MD, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Urb Sta Rosa del Palmar I.9, Ica, PERU, Tel: 51-34-235955.


Almario Physio Team Physical Therapy Clinic, 808 The Infinity 26th St., corner 11th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 1634 Philippines, Ph +63 2 776 4977 Cell: +63 977 831 3424.MFT Myofascial Release Therapy with PW Shockwave TrP work, manual therapy

Zamorra-Racaza, Dr. Geraldine. Rheumatologist who understands fibromyalgia and alternative methods as well as allopathic medicine. St. Luke Hospital Room 733, Medical Arts Building, ( Rizal Drive corner of 32nd St and, 5th Clinic at Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila. Ph: (02) 789 7700) also in Bonifacio Global City.

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