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Searching Devin Starlanyl's Website

Looking for an in-site search engine?  Unfortunately, there isn't one.  Fortunately, Google makes it possible for Win/IE users to do a site-wide search without one!

A search engine for www.fmcmpd.org would be really nice.  But, for a variety of reasons, this method will have to do for now.

The content of individual articles can be searched by using your browser's "Find" feature (usually, CTRL + f, or ALT + e, then select "Find...").  Just type the term you are looking for in the "Find" window, and hit the Enter key.

But that is still pretty limited, since, if the term you are looking for isn't part of the title of an article or in the specific article you are looking at, "Find" will draw a blank.

Fortunately, if you are using Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later, or Apple's Safari browser, you can use Google's "Current Site" search that comes with a toolbar you can install on your computer to integrate with your IE or Safari browser (sorry, Netscape).  

Just go to the website you want to search, click the down arrow on "Search Web" (or, if you see it, "Search Site"), and select "Current Site" from the drop down menu.  The following will then appear in the Google search window:


Just type in your search term(s) after that, like this:

site:www.fmcmpd.org "insulin resistance"


site:www.fmcmpd.org hypothyroid "insulin resistance"

Then hit your Enter key or Google's Search button, and the webpages with those keywords/search terms in that site will be returned.

If you click the highlighter button on Google's toolbar, your keywords will be highlighted when you look at the individual webpages Google found for you.  In the example above, "insulin resistance" will be highlighted in one color, as one phrase.  But if you had typed in hypothyroid insulin resistance, without the quotes, each word would appear in a different color.

For more information on Google's downloadable toolbar, please go to www.toolbar.google.com.

With thanks to Melissa Kaplan, 2003.


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