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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About This Website

Q: What is the purpose of this website?

A: This is an educational website on fibromyalgia and myofascial pain.  Although there are sections written primarily for patients and primarily for caregivers, there is full access to all materials. Visitors are encouraged to explore all sections.  For example, there is a great deal of information in the handouts for care providers that is of interest to patients.  Patients may want to provide specific references for people on their medical care teams.  The information on this website is not intended as a substitution for professional medical care.

Q. Where did this material originate?

A. Much of this material is from books or handouts written by Devin Starlanyl.  Some is adapted from the books Devin wrote with Mary Ellen Copeland.  Please be aware that we cannot supply all the information from our books on the website.  There is also a reference bibliography, although many handouts contain their own reference sections.  There is also an extensive “Books and Tapes” Section.  The website is maintained by EnigamI, Inc.

Q. Who is Devin Starlanyl?

A. Devin’s formal medical training was in emergency room medicine. She also has experience in hospice work, 4 years in local public health, 8 years as technical director of Chemdex, Inc. pharmaceutical manufacturing including work with FDA setting up bioavailability studies and research task force with Hans Selye (Father of Stress Medicine), Emergency Planner for Vermont Yankee Nuclear (ER and local emergency drills, special needs program, etc.).  Devin did early research in the field of tissue culture, infectious disease and astrobiology.  

What Devin learned about FMS and CMP was acquired after formal schooling was over  — after the "FMS and CMP" degrees.  Devin has completed many hours of Continuing Medical Education credits in FMS, CMP and related medical topics.  Through this, Devin has had the help of mentor David G. Simons, co-author of the definitive texts on myofascial medicine with Janet G. Travell (JFK’s White House physician).  Devin is also an Episcopal lay minister (VT), a Mensa member, and a t’ai chi player.  

Q. How do I contact Devin Starlanyl?

A. Devin’s biggest challenge is to pace herself in spite of a heavy correspondence load, research, education and writing tasks and a rather formidable number of interests.  Devin is not available as an Expert Witness or to otherwise speak in court cases, nor can she review case histories.  Working on the computer is a major perpetuating factor for some myofascial trigger points. Many of your questions are answered in the books, the video and on this website. Devin even wrote a science fiction novel that will help explain fibromyalgia and myofascial pain.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONTACT DEVIN THROUGH SOVER.NET.  SoVer.Net is an internet carrier, not an answering service.


Q. Can I copy the material on this website?


A. This material is under copyright, but handouts can be copied and used for personal information or to educate your caregivers if each handout is copied in entirety, giving credit to the source.  All health information should always be carefully reviewed with your health care provider. The holders of this website are not responsible for material taken out of context, misuse of information, information on the links, newsletters, or other resources, or any adverse affects of recommendations stated in these resources.


Some resource sites that have commercial aspects are included because of the value of the information on the sites.  Devin Starlanyl does not recommend the use of any particular company or product. The views stated in the resources sections (links, newsletters, etc.) do not necessarily reflect those of Devin Starlanyl.  Devin assumes no responsibility for any discrepancies or errors contained in the resources. 


Many people have requested that portions of books be posted on their sites.  Many sites now contain outdated information from previous handouts and the first edition Survival Manual.  We have no way to update material on the websites of others. We no longer allow postings of our material on other websites for this reason.

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